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Raja Narendra Lal Khan Women's College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC

Committees & Sub-Committees

The organizational structure of the college is based on Acts and Statutes which have their own demarcated area of jurisdiction. The Governing Body, as the highest policy making body, is at the top of the structure, representing different cross-section of population and provides overall guidance/supervision and deliberate frame work. In Academic matters, the Teachers Council virtual autonomy considering the suggestions and recommendations of the various sub- committees. The Administration while dealing with academic matters gives weightage to the recommendations of the Teachers Council and various sub-committees.

The statutory Bodies of the college are-

  • The GoverningBody.
  • AcademicSub-Committee.
  • FinanceSub-Committee.
  • PurchaseSub-Committee.
  • BuildingSub-Committee.
  • The TeachersCouncil.

The college office mainly looks into matters related to admissions, eligibility and accounts. It also provides clerical support required for maintaining records and for interaction with government, university, UGC andstudents.

Various committees in the college help in monitoring and facilitating several academic and administrative functions. The decentralization of power is evident from these committees, some of them are statutory and the others non-statutory in nature. The list of committees is given below:

  1. AdmissionCommittee
  2. Anti-RaggingCommittee
  3. Committee for Prevention of SexualHarassment
  4. Grievance RedressalCell
  5. Internal Quality AssuranceCell
  6. ResearchSub-committee
  7. StudentCouncil
  8. RoutineSub-committee
  9. CulturalSub-committee
  10. SportsSub-committee
  11. CanteenSub-committee
  12. Service book, Pension and ArrearCommittee
  13. Students Aid FundCommittee
  14. LibraryCommittee
  15. UGC XIIthPlan- PlanningBoard.