Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College, RNLK, Gope College (Midnapore)

Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College (Autonomous)
Gope College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC  |  NIRF Rank 64 (2023)  |  ISO 21001:2018 Certified


Maintenance of physical and infrastructure facilities

Maintenance of Physical Facilities :

The physical facilities are maintained by the college’s Maintenance Section, which comprises of competent GovernmentCivil engineer and Public Health & Hygiene Engineer. The services of plumbers, electricians, and computer analysts are available round the clock in the campus. Electricians are responsible for the uninterrupted power supply and maintenance of equipment like generator sets, general lighting, power distribution system, solar panels etc. Maintenance of water plumbing plants, sewage and drainage is undertaken by support staff of GovernmentPublic Health & Hygiene Engineering section. The Head Clerk with a team of members monitor the maintenance and cleanliness of the buildings, classrooms, labs, furniture, campus ground, sports facilities, staff lounge, students amenity areas, cafeteria and hostel buildings. Housekeeping services are outsourced on annual contract basis and are made available during day time in all days.

To manage all the campus facilities for a robust, efficient, effective and smooth day-to-day proceeding of the college activities and the maintenance of buildings, class-rooms and laboratories, the management has Buiding and Space committees. It comprises residential engineer, site engineer, faculties and technical staff who watch over the maintenance of the buildings and other campus facilities.

Maintenance of Classrooms, Furniture and Laboratories:

Classrooms with furniture, teaching aids and laboratories are maintained by the respective department staff and attendants and supervised by the respective Head of the Department. The laboratory assistants take care of their respective laboratories. The Heads of Departments report to the administration periodically for all the maintenance works. Staff of respective department monitor effective utilisation of the laboratories. Students optimally utilize all classrooms during the daylong working hours and are also mentored to upkeep the furniture. Moreover, rotation and sharing of classes for all the subjects,certificate and value added courses,inter department activities and competitive exams/remedial classes on Sundaysare promoted for better utilization of the facilities.

Maintenance and Utilization of Library and Library Resources:

The library staff is clearly instructed in the care and handling of library documents, particularly during processing, shelving and conveyance of documents. Care is taken so that bound volumes are not to be sorted out from their fore edges, as this process weakens the binding. Shelves are not fully packed as a too-full shelf can crack and cause damage when a reader tries to remove a book. Dust is removed on regular basis, proper pest management is done to minimize the problems caused by insects. Annual maintenance contract is regularly renewed for pest control.

Maintenance and Utilization of Seminar Halls and Auditorium :

The college has an auditorium and seminar hall [Rabindraneer] along with individual seminar rooms of various departments. They are under the purview of the civil engineer and electricians. Cleanliness is taken care of by the housekeeping team. Effective utilisation of seminar hall and auditorium is maintained by organising academic meetings, seminars, Faculty Development Programmes,workshops, conferences, Art & Science exhibition and cultural events [Graduation day, Annual day, Alumni Meet, College Foundation Day celebration, National Day celebration etc.]. For accessing the facilities, the organising faculty/staff member submits an application form to the Principal through HOD and the date of event is registered and the halls are accessed on priority basis.