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Volume 5 – Issue

Floristic diversity of Pathra and its adjoining areas, Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal
Achintya Kumar Samanta
3-12 View
Major Pestiferus Snails and Slugs of Paschim Medinipur: anaccount on Diagnosis, Damage And Control
Angsuman Chanda1 and Basudev Mandal2
13-22 View
Enumeration, Isolation and Identification of Crustacean Surface Attachment Bacteria
Sujoy Midya1*, Sk Saruk Islam2 , Anku Jana3
23-32 View
Overviewof fish vaccines with focus on nanovaccines
Dr. Partha P. Biswas
33-42 View
Study on the physico-chemical and Coliform load of waste water collected from Haldia Industrial site
Harekrishna Jana1* , Shakuntala Ghorai2 ,Moumita Pradhan1 , Chameli Nandi1 , Manisha Maji1 , Suchismita pradhan1 , Nita karan1 , Tinku Bhunia1 and Poulami Mondal1
43-53 View
Pengba, Osteobrama Belangeri (Valenciennes,1844) A Prospective Species For Diversification Of Carp Polyculture System And Suggestions Towards The Adoption Of Scientific Fish Farming In Haldia, West Bengal.
Suman kumar sahu
54-58 View
Metabolomics approaches in oral submucous fibrosis : Areview Ishita Basu1 , Vertika Rai2 , Dr. Surajit Bose3 ,
Dr. Mousam Manna4 and Dr. Dilip K Nandi1
59-66 View
On the use of red ant Oecophylla smaragdina by the indigenous people of Binpur, Jhargram, West Bengal.
Atanu Mitra1 , Angsuman Chanda and Srimanta Kumar Raut*
67-71 View
Diversity of indigenous ornamental fishes of Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, India
Godhuli Sit, Arun Jana and Angsuman Chanda*
72-84 View
A report on the study of zooplanktons of Mirik Lake in Eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot, Darjeeling India
T. K. Misra
85-90 View
Allelopathic influence of Eupatorium odoratum L.on germination and seedling growth of somepulses
Susanta Kumar Maity1 and Achintya Kumar Samanta2
91-97 View