Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College, RNLK, Gope College (Midnapore)

Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College (Autonomous)
Gope College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC  |  NIRF Rank 64 (2023)  |  ISO 21001:2018 Certified



One of the unique features of the college is the countless numbers of prizes & stipends that are awarded being to our students out of the generous donations given by the various honourabl epersons associated with the college.

  • Ratna Basu Memorial Prize and Ratna Basu Memorial Cup are awarded to students out of the interest of the fixed deposits for a sum of Rs.500/-, 1000/-, & 500/- respectively donated by Prof. Rama Mukhopadhyay, Ex-Head of the Dept.of Bengali in sacred memories of her mother-in-law& grand mother-in-law respectively.
  • Raja Saheb Jagat Chandra Mondal Memorial Prize, Saralabala Mondal Prize, Dr. Makhanlal Roychowdhury Memorial Prize are awarded to students out of the interest of the fixed deposits for a sum of Rs. 1,000/- respectively, donated by Dr. SushilaMondal, Ex-Principal, for her father, mother and Prof. Dr. Makhanlal Roychowdhury, respectively.
  • Sister Nivedita Talent Prize is awarded to a student out of the fixed deposit for a sum of Rs. 1,000/-.
  • Sewli Misra Memorial Prize is awarde dout of the interest offixed deposit for a sum of Rs.500/- donated by father of Sewli Misra.
  • Dhirendra Nath Memorial Prize is awarded out of the interest of fixed deposit for a sum of Rs. 1, 500/- donated by Prof. Gayatri Roy, Dept. of Physiology, in the sacredmemory of her mother.
  • Radharani Devi Smriti Puraskar is awarded out of the interest off ixeddepos it for a sum of Rs.1,500/- donated by Prof. Bharati Ghosh in the sacred memory of her mother.
  • Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar Students Aid Fund : Rs. 2,000/-fixed. Poor students being unable to pay their Exam. Fees are being helped from this fund.
  • Prize for Highest Marks in B.Sc.(Hons.) in Zoology, Part-II and highest marks in B.Sc.(Pass) Zoology. Donor: Prof. Nishikanta Maity. Rs.2000/-
  • Prize in memory of father of Dr. Annapurna Chattopadhyay Donor: Dr. Annapurna Chattopadhyay. Rs.1,000/-
  • Stipend to one students of Mathematics (Hons.) in memory of Smt. GouriGhosh's beloved father, Late Lalmohan Singha. Donor: Smt. Gouri Ghosh. Rs.5000/-
  • Donor: Sm. Malina Maity. Rs.1,000/- in memory of her husband Late Gunadhar Maity.
  • Prize in memory of Dr. B. K. Dasgupta's father, mother & sister. Donor: Dr. B. K. Dasgupta. Rs.3,000/-
  • Prize in memory of Dr. K. Biswas's mother & father-in-law. Donor: Dr. K. Biswas. Rs.5,000/-
  • Prize in memory of the beloved son of Bankim Chandra Das & his wife. Donor: Bankim Chandra Das & his wife. Rs. 2,500/-
  • Prize in memory of the sister of Mr. Dipankar Das. Donor: Dipankar Das.Rs. 4,000/-
  • Prize in memory of Prof. Jukta Paul, beloved colleague of Prof. Indrani Bhattacharya. Donor Prof. Indrani Bhattacharya. Rs.1,500/-
  • Samarendra Nath Barhan Memorial Prize. Donor :Dr. Amarendra Nath Bardhan, Rs.2,000/- in memory of his father.
  • Smt. Aruna Bardhan Memorial Prize. Donor: Dr. A. N. Bardhan. Rs.2,000/-
  • Nirmal Chandra Das Memorial Prize. Donor: Smt. Manashi Das.
  • Santa Bala Devy Memorial Prize. Donor: Smt. Manashi Das.
  • Shri Tarasan kar Bandopadhyay Memorial Prize. Donor: Prof. Debjani Mukherjee in memory of her late father-in-law. Rs.5,000/-
  • Mrs. Behara Memorial Prize. Donor: Prof. Beharain memory of his wife. Rs.4,000/-
  • Prize in the memory of Lt. Bimal Kr. Saha, father of Dr. Susmita Saha, Donor: Dr.Susmita Saha. Rs.4,000/-
  • Prize in the memory of Dr. Sushila Mondal, Ex-Principal for poor meritorious student. Donor: Smt. Ava Chattapadhyay. Rs. 10,000/-
  • Sister Nivedita student aid fund. Donor: Dr. RinaPal and Dr. Rupa Dasgupta for one poor & meritorious hostel boarder (1styear) Rs.32,000/-
  • Special Prize for every First Class hold ersin Part III Examination from Dr.Jayasri Laha, Principal, RajaN.L. Khan Women's College.
  • Prize in the memory of Supriya Das, ExPTT, Dept.of Music Memorial Prize, for 1st Rankin Music Part-III Exam. Donor: Smt.Anjana Pal, Elder Sister of Late Supriya Das. Rs. 10,000/-

Special donation for organizing Departmental Seminar & Excursion :

  • Silver Jubliee Sovenir Fundof Rs. 500 -(fixed) forseminars.
  • For conducting Seminar in Philosophy: Rs. 4,000/-. Donors: Prof. R. Sarkar, Prof. G. Haldar, Prof. S.K. Samanta,Prof.G.Roy.
  • For conducting Seminar and excursion in Bengali Department. Donor: Prof. Anima Bhattacharya Rs.4,000/-
  • For conducting Seminar in Bengali Department. Donor: Prof. Rama Mukhopadhyaya Rs.3,000/-
  • For conducting seminar in History Department. Donor: Dr. Annapurna Chattopadhyay Rs.50,000/-.