Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College, RNLK, Gope College (Midnapore)

Raja Narendra Lal Khan Women's College (Autonomous)
Gope College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC


The Central Library

(Dr. Sushila Mondal Memorial Central Library)

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Dr. Sushila Mandal Memorial Central Library is the nerve center of all academic activities of Raja N.L. Khan Women’s College. It is an advanced and well equipped College Library under Vidyasagar University. It creates a spirited environment to acquire, share, preserve and disseminate knowledge. The Library is housed in a large three storied building with enough space for the users. It has one of the best collections on subjects like Humanities and Literature in the district of Paschim Medinipur.

Library Resources

Books More than 38000
Journal & Magazines 40
E-Books 100 (Oxford Scholarship Online & McGraw-Hill Education)
E-Journals 10 (SAGE)
News Papers 4
Employment Bulletin 2
Bound Volume of Journals More Than 600


Library Services

  • Book Lending Service
  • Bibliographic Search Service (Web OPAC / MPOAC)
  • Reference Service
  • E-books & E-journal Access
  • Digital Library (E-Books & Institutional Repository)
  • Internet and Online Database searching
  • Inter-Library Loan Service
  • Reprography Service
  • Book Exhibition
  • Book Talk

Salient Features

  • Fully automated Library System through Koha software.
  • Open Access stack-room for Students.
  • Very easy circulation (issue and return of books) system.
  • Large Reading Room (288 m2) with classified stacks of books and journals.
  • Very rich Reference Section and Periodical Section.
  • Almost 70% of the floor area is the Green Zone for the students
  • Steady Wi-Fi connectivity inside the Library premises.
  • Institutional Membership of the Central Library of Vidyasagar University.
  • Weekly Book-talk and other extension services.
  • User orientation program on regular basis.

Library Hour

Days Reading Room Circulation
Monday to Friday 10 am to 6.30 pm 10.30 am to 4 pm
Saturday 10 am to 4 pm 10.30 am to 1.30 pm
Sunday X X

Reference Section

As a College Library we have an exceptionally rich collection of reference books. Besides several updated yearbooks, directories, and dictionaries, the Library possesses the classic titles like “The New Encyclopedia Britannica (30 Vol.)”, “McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (15 Vol.)”, “The Oxford English Dictionary (12 Vol.)”, “Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (13 Vol.)”, “The Wealth of India”, “The Cultural Heritage of India (5 Vol.)”, Encyclopedia of The World and its People (27 Vol.), etc.

Reading Room

The heart of this library belongs to the Reading Room as because the students who are the future designer of the knowledge architecture pass their time here. It is spacious, it is airy, and it is enriched with enough number of books and periodicals. There are separate zones for teachers and students.

Old and Rare Books

Our library possesses a great collection of old and rare books on different subjects of arts and humanities. The proud archive includes some priceless original series on History, Philosophy, English Literature, etc., published from UK & US based publications in the 1950s and 1960s. Moreover, it must be mentioned that “The Encyclopaedia Britannica: a dictionary of arts, sciences, and general literature” (9th Ed., Edinburg: Adam and Charles Black, 1889), which was once used by the honourable Raja NarendraLal Khan is also preserved here.

List of Prominent Journal and Magazines Subscribed

  1. Anustup
  2. Boiyer Desh
  3. Contemporary Education Dialogue
  4. Contemporary Voice of Dalit
  5. Current Science
  6. Desh
  7. Down to Earth
  8. Economic and Political Weekly
  9. History and Sociology of South Asia
  10. India Today
  11. Indian Economic and Social History Review
  12. Indian Historical Review
  13. Indian Literature
  14. Journal of Land and Rural Studies
  15. Kurukshetra
  16. National Geographic Magazine
  17. Prabuddha Bharata
  18. Samvit
  19. Sanctuary
  20. Science & Culture
  21. Science Reporter
  22. Studies in History
  23. Studies in Indian Politics
  24. Studies in Microeconomics
  25. Udbodhan
  26. Visvabani
  27. Yojana.

Inter-Library Loan

We have the institutional membership (with six membership cards) of the Central Library of Vidyasagar University. Students and Teachers can collect the cards from the Librarian of this College and visit the University library.

E-Books & E Journals

Central Library subscribed E-books from Oxford University Press and McGraw-Hill and E-journals from SAGE. Those e-documents are now accessible via static IP inside the Central Library.

Online Database N-LIST

Our Library is an Institutional member of a very useful online database N-LIST (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content). Members can access the database by logging in through user Ids and Passwords. The database provides access to 3000+ e-journals and 75000+ e-books.

Institutional Digital Repository

Primarily, the Repository has been initiated with the published monographs and journal articles by the faculty members. It is managed by open source software DSPACE. At present, the repository is accessible only inside the library. It will be published on the web in the near future.

User Orientation

The library organizes User Orientation Program on a regular basis. The current edition of this booklet “Our Library” is distributed among the newly admitted students every year. Besides that, the Library personnel are always ready to help the students in Library catalogue and other database searching. Students can also approach to the Information Counter for any queries.

The Web OPAC

For new books (Accession No. 20,000 and onwards), our Library follows Open Access System, in which the users are allowed to go to the book stacks directly and choose their desired book. To search the books with Accession Number below 20,000 or to browse the entire database by title, author, subject, series, etc., the users can go through the Web OPAC. They can also submit their proposals for any particular book(s) logging in with their Id and Password at Web OPAC. Library also preserves the old card catalogues for those students who are not so familiar with ICT.

Extension Activities

Book Exhibition

Sometimes, Book exhibitions are organized in the Reading Room of the Central Library to make the students aware of important titles on any subject and to boost up their reading habits.

Book Talk

Book Talk is one of the special extension activities of the Central Library. It consists of two parts, a talk based on any popular book for 15 minutes, followed by an interactive session of 10 minutes. The “Talk” has become very popular among the teachers and students in a very short period since its initiation. Currently the Central Library is organizing the talk weekly.

Progress of the Library in Last Five Years

  • Acquisition of more than 8000 books.
  • Utilization of prestigious funds like CPE, DST, BSR, RUSA, PC Chandra Gyanadhara, etc.
  • Addition of 10 Journals, and 1 National News Paper.
  • Acquisition of nearly 100 E-books and 10 E-journals.
  • Installation of a new server PC with advanced configuration.
  • Installation of integrated library management software SOUL 2.0 and Koha.
  • Initiation fully automated Library Services for the users.
  • Introduction of Open Access System for the students in circulation section as well as in the Reading Room.
  • Expansion of the area of the Library.
  • Introduction of separate reading space for the faculty members.
  • Increase in the seat capacity of the Reading Room.
  • Introduction of Wi-Fi facility in the Reading Room.
  • Introduction of new extension services like Book Talk and Book Exhibition.
  • Installation of CC TV in the Circulation section and in the Reading Room.
  • Area of the Library where students can access has been increased. Presently almost 70% of the floor area of the Library is open for the student.

Our Team

Biswajit Adhikary

Qualification: M.Sc., MLISc, Ph.D.
Designation: Librarian

Mintu Kumar Bose

Qualification: B.A., BLISc.
Designation: Library Clerk

Susanta Kumar Roy

Qualification: B.Sc.
Designation: Library Attendant

Mita Das

Qualification: B.A.
Designation: Casual Staff

Upasana Gurung

Qualification: B.A.
Designation: Casual Staff