Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College, RNLK, Gope College (Midnapore)

Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC  |  NIRF Rank 64 (2023)  |  ISO 21001:2018 Certified


Course details and Syllabus

Names of Programmes /Courses offered: M.Sc. & B.Sc.(Hons.&General)

Duration & Type: M.Sc.-2yrs.(Semesterwise Choice based credit System)
B.Sc-3yrs.(Semesterwise Choice based credit System)

Job Opportunities in Physiology Subject:

Teacher in University, College, School, Dental, Medical, Paramedical, IIT, ISER, IISC, Bose Institute, ICMR, Defence research Institute, NICED, SAI, CDRI, CFTRI, CSIR, TIFR, ISRO, NITIE, NIMHN, NIANP, NIN, NCCS, Pharmaceutical & Food Processing Industry,Central Labour Institute(CLI),etc.

Syllabus: New CBCS based Physiology (Hons) Download