Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College, RNLK, Gope College (Midnapore)

Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College (Autonomous)
Gope College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC  |  NIRF Rank 64 (2023)  |  ISO 21001:2018 Certified


About the Department

Physical Education develops the total personality of the students and make them perfect in sound body and sound mind. The word 'physical' in the phrase 'Physical Education' is related to body, it may be physical strength, physical endurance, physical fitness, physical appearance or physical health. Education means systematic instruction or training or preparation for life or for some particular task. A combined meaning of these two words would be that systematic instruments or training which relate to physical activities or programme of activities, development of physical ponders or cultivation of physical skill.

The Department has been initiated in the year 2005 as pass subject under Vidyasagar University. There is a plan to open Honours course in the department in near future.