Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College, RNLK, Gope College (Midnapore)

Raja Narendra Lal Khan Women's College (Autonomous)
Gope College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC


About the Department

The Department of History started its glorious journey in August, 1957 with the objectives of dissemination of historical knowledge among the students, pertaining the students in acquiring the objective knowledge regarding history and acquainting the students with the traditional and emerging areas in the discipline. To realize these objectives, the Department often organizes Seminars on various burning issues like gender discrimination, rights of women, and other alarming issues related to problems of women, communalism etc. The Department conducts tour programmes for the students so that they could acquire the objective knowledge of history. A historical chart has been prepared to inculcate the chronological conception of historical events in the minds of students. The Departmental Library has been enriched with 2500 books. In order to enrich the weak students Remedial classes are arranged regularly. As a part of extension activity, the Department has taken up the responsibility of P. G. Course of the Netaji Open University from 2005. From 2016 PG in History has also been introduced. From 2018 Research activities has been launched under the umbrella of Vidyasagar University.

Historical Museum :

Two historical museums are present in this Department

  1. The Role of Midnapore in Indian Freedom Movement
  2. Narajol Raj

The Role of Midnapore in Indian Freedom Movement :

This Museum has been formed in the year 2008 to exhibit the role of Midnapore in the Indian freedom movement. In this museum has thirteen sculptures depicting important milestones of the role of Midnapore in the Indian freedom movement.

Thirteen Sculpture are :

  1. Chuar Rebellion
  2. Mallangi Rebellion
  3. Nayak Rebellion
  4. Zamindar Rebellion
  5. Era of Military Nationalism
  6. Anti Partition Rebellion
  7. Alipur Bomb Casen
  8. Non Co operation Movement
  9. Union Bord borjon Movement
  10. Civil disobedience Movement
  11. No Tax Movement
  12. Revolutionary Movement in Midnapore
  13. Quit India Movement

Again numerous rare photographs of Women who participated in this movement with their biography are also displayed here. Underground museums beneath the palace (office of the Raja N.L Khan Women’s College) established on 22/11/2012.

Dr.Parul Chatterjee have formed up a Museum corner at the basement of the palace of Raja N.L. Khan Women’s College with the financial help of Rs.50000/-from the UGC-CPE fund, taking from the authority of this College.

The things which have been kept in the Museum Corner are of different types. Most of the things are related to Narajol Raj specially, very few other things which are not related to narajol Raj directly, somehow there are a inter relation between Narajol Raj and on the other side all over India.

A short description is given below according to the item of the Museum :

A big copper vessel with two hole at the neck of it.It is said that, 500years ago the 1st person of the Narajol Zamindar family got 12 copper vessels with full of gold mohor from underground the soil of Narajol village .This vessel is one of the 12.One Royal Chair,one street lamp,two lable lamps.These 5 antique things are collected trom respected ex-headmaster Sri Paresh Maity.

There are 19 photo frame of different subjects of Narajol Raj specially the photograph of Zamindar of Narajol Raj such as Mahendra lal khan to Amarendra Lal Khan with the eminent persons/freedom fighters of India.Some Photographs are about the painting of british ledy,Siddha Purush,front page of magazine of Narajol,front of book written by rani Mrinalini Davi,picture of Rajbari of Narajol ,Karnagar Raj-Temple,Abasgarh,with some information collected from Dr.Parul Chatterjee’s research work(Minor research project granted and sanctioned by UGC,Topic of project-History of Narajil Raj).

One Family Tree of Narajol Zamindars.

One map mentioning the place narajol,Karnagar Abas.

One mora/tool of brasso ane one carpet made of benarasi –sari are collected from the persons related to Narajol raj.

Different type of doll and candle-stand are in the Museum. Once upon a time, major portion of population of narajol raj used to make the doll and cell and that were their source of income.Doll/Putul such as Sashti Putul,Goe putul,Dash chheler ma were of very famous putul in that area,but at present day ,it is sorry to say that there is no demand for that type of dolls. But at the same time the evaluated dolls which are kept in the show case of town for cell are about to some.These are the sentimental grounds to keep the Museum.

There are 24 pieces of sculpture-replicas collected from Indian Museum (after long process).