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Raja Narendra Lal Khan Women's College

Re-accredited with grade ‘A’ by NAAC


At present the department is constructed with five laboratories i.e., Microbiology, Biochemistry, Inoculation and incubation laboratory, Molecular biology and computer. To improve the teaching learning process, the department is currently continuing with two smart classes.

With the above mention infrastructure facilities the department is also attached with Central Research Unit of the college, which is enriched by different modern instruments.

Classroom/ Laboratory

Classroom/ Laboratory Quantity
Smart classroom 2
Microbiology laboratory 1
Biochemistry laboratory 1
Molecular biology laboratory 1
Inoculation Room 1
Computer Laboratory 1

ii. List of instruments

Equipments/Instruments Quantity Equipments/Instruments Quantity
Microscope 20 Magnetic Stirrer 01
Laminar Air flow 02 Refrigerator 02
Incubator (Normal) 01 UV-Transilluminator 01
Digital weight machine 03 PCR 01
Water Bath 01 Autoclave 02
Western blotting 01 Shaker with incubator 01
pH meter 02 Vortex 01
BOD Incubator 01 Overhead Projector 02
Eppendrop Centrifuge machine 02 Computer 06
Column Chromatography set 02 Printer/ Scanner 03
Thin Layer Chromatography set 02 Distilled Water plant 01
Gel Apparatus 02 Refrigerator (-20°C) 01
Fermenter 01 Hot air Oven 01

Availability of Books

Library No. of Books
Seminar Library More than 225
Central Library More than 100